U-Bahn station Lindauer Allee

U-Bahn station Lindauer Allee

I started one of my photo walking tours at U-Bahn station “Lindauer Allee”. I’ve never been there before and was fascinated by the colourful design. It looked like an Art-Deco design from the 1920s.

So I was very surprised to read that it opened on 24 September 1994, as part of the extension of the U8 to Wittenau. The station is tiled in green, violet light blue and yellow with trees depicted on the walls. The symbolize a lime tree because the name “Lindau” derives from the German word for lime tree (Lindenbaum).

Absolutely worth a visit.

Copyright for all photos: Nina Schwarz

Old and new: closely together

Old and new: closely together

Berlin has changed over the centuries. A lot of change came after WWII. A lot of houses were destroyed and it took decades to rebuild houses.

Another huge construction boom happened after the German Reunification in 1990. And so you see – in some parts of Berlin – a wild mixture of very old houses, houses built in the 1960s and 1970s and modern buildings.

The photo on the right was taken at Joachimsthaler Straße near Zoologischer Garten. My guess is, that the house in the front was built around 1900. The skyscraper behind it is the Berlin-Upper West. It is 119 meters high and has 33 floors. It was completed in 2017.

Another picture that illustrates the different building styles is the one at the top. You see the Berlin-Upper West on the left and the Berlin Waldorf Astoria Hotel in the middle. It opened on January 3, 2013, and is the first Waldorf Astoria branded hotel in Germany.

On the right side you see the damaged spire of “Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächntis-Kirche”. The church opened in September 1895. During the night of 22. November 1943 the church burnt down and was partly destroyed. The spire once was 113 meters high, today it is 71 meters. The church was not torn down or rebuild to keep it as a memorial.

Berlinale in Berlin

Berlinale in Berlin

I start my new photo blog with the film festival Berlinale. It is a big event for the city an brings lots of visitors to Berlin.

I must admit I don’t go very often to the movies but I like the atmosphere during one of the largest public film festivals in the world. Find all the information on the Berlinale Website

I’m living in Berlin since 2001 and over the years I took many photos. But in recent years I have neglected my hobby photography a bit. Beside photos I will take walks through the city and I want to do a special project this year. I would like to take “now and then” photos, using historical photos as “templates”.

I have never tried this before but I would like to see the city with a “historic eye” and learn more about the city.

This is the reason why I start my blog with a Berlinale post.

One of the reasons I have never been to one of the films during the festival are these long queues. I don’t want to get up early in the morning to wait for hours to get tickets. And I don’t have time to do so with my full time job. But this is one of the “attractions” of the film festival. People queue at several places but the most famous one is this in the shopping centre “Potsdamer Platz Arkaden.”

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